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Many try to quit smoking. They throw and start again. And they feel that this internal smoker is alive. To stop smoking, they lack knowledge, understanding. Kill the smoker in yourself to be reborn in a new identity! How to do this? - You will find further working on the book.

Evil joke

40 000 000

And how's the joke? Biting? Spoils the mood? Makes you think? The statistics given may be inaccurate. It's different. It is useful to realize that you are doing wrong and give yourself a chance to change now and continue to live, and not wait for tomorrow and the fact of your death will be reflected in the statistics.

Guarantee from the Author

By travelling through the pages of this guide and performing the proposed exercises, you will get the following result:
1.    Indifference to cigarettes. Look at cigarettes and realize it's in the past. No desire. 
2.    Aversion to tobacco smoke. Your immune system will react negatively to tobacco smoke. 

Perhaps you are critical now: "I doubt I read the book, closed it, and that's it? And you're not smoking anymore? Is that possible? Yeah, what nonsense! The author probably never really smoked and does not understand how complex and serious the problem is. " 

And the author would think so when he smoked more than two packs of cigarettes a day. When, when has already made countless attempts to quit smoking. If I can't myself, how can some book help? Yes, I would have thought so, watching the rings of blue smoke of the life being procurated come out of my mouth.

The technique works

The journalist asks the construction manager: 
- What road are you building, single-track or double-track?
- We build the road from two ends, and if rails come together, it will be one-track, - he answered. 

In this metaphor, we build a road (dig) from tobacco captivity on two sides. And if our efforts come together, you will gain freedom. Instead of swallowing Death Smoke with tobacco, you will inhale the delicate aroma of Life.

And there is one "but," that ill-fated spoon of tar in a barrel of honey that can ruin everything. I will not be able to control the quality of road construction on your part. This is your responsibility. The proposed technique does not WORK unless YOU follow the exercises and recommendations .

How Dependency Disappears 

You read, and suddenly you realize that you have changed, became different. There's something in his head that clicks. Boom! You are surprised that smoking is in the distant past, and now you are in a different reality. Cigarettes are indifferent, tobacco smoke is unpleasant .
And how unexpectedly pleasant it will be when the look accidentally stops on packs of cigarettes in the store, to realize that they have become strangers, that there is no more "craving" for them, that the nicotine romance has ended, and there is no desire to return to it.

Revenge on tobacco

There are things that don't deserve forgiveness! Never! And this book is my revenge on tobacco for the long and humiliating years of nicotine slavery. The first puff with tobacco smoke - at 5 years old, then pranks, from 16 years old he smoked constantly. From the age of 18 (smarter) he began to systematically "quit smoking." The fight against tobacco lasted for a long 20  years.

For many years I looked for a way to get freedom, quit smoking, started again. Fought! He changed the varieties of cigarettes. He switched to Cuban cigars. Chewing tobacco. Sniff tobacco. Smoked the tube. Swallowed antinicotin pills. I gave my word to myself and others that I would quit smoking. I bet and lost. Started a new life on Mondays to start smoking on Tuesday. Sometimes with strong-willed efforts he kept for several months. But the first puff reliably returned to nicotine slavery .

Each failure strengthened the belief that quitting smoking is very difficult, that some special willpower is needed here, which I do not have. I was not going to give up. He looked for ways, tried on himself, endured a fiasco. Until I invented a simple method of deliverance. The whole procedure for getting rid of tobacco addiction turned out to be fast and effective.
Everything turned out to be so simple! It took a few seconds to get the result. But the search for an effective remedy took many years of tobacco-smoked life.

How to work with a book

I hope that you are smart enough and understand that it is foolish to work on a book, while smoking pages with tobacco smoke. Separate the flies from the cutlets. Book separately, cigarettes separately. Read the book sequentially. Reflect. Perform each exercise. Reflect. Let the truth triumph!
For a better understanding of some points, the dialogues of the psychologist (Psychologist - author) with the real client (Client - in the text) are given. Such mini-demonstrations for a better understanding of the direction in which we are moving. Sometimes, for the benefit of the case, I will turn to some parts of your personality for "you," but with great respect. 

All your hands

One man decided to laugh at the wise man. He caught a butterfly and clamped it in his fist. And I thought that I would come here and ask the sage: "Say, is the butterfly in my hand alive or dead?" And if he says that the butterfly is dead, then I will open my fingers, and the butterfly will fly away. And if the sage says that the butterfly is alive, then I will squeeze my fist stronger, and then show the dead butterfly. And everyone will laugh at the sage .
He did so, caught a beautiful butterfly, clamped in his fist and asked the sage:
"Tell me, is the butterfly alive or dead in my hand?" 
"Everything is in your hands!" the sage answered him.

Any temple, before it is built, is created in the head of the architect. Become an architect, create a new identity that is indifferent to tobacco. You have a great chance of getting such a result. Use them. And remember, everything is in your hands.


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