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The play is based on events from a distant reality that has already ceased to exist, and only excerpts of memories remain. In the seventies of the twentieth century, on Karl Marx Street in Khabarovsk, many saw a madman with a soaked face under a theater mask, black eyes of a woman looked in the very middle nowhere like two extinct coal, her look caused some - curiosity, others - confusion. Some called the woman Carmen


1st actor - woman

ALISA - a young woman aged 20-25 years, an actress of an opera house, married. Alive, moving, cheerful.

CARMEN - Alice after 30 years, sick (psychogenic amnesia - inability to create new memories due to stress experienced, while long-term memories before the event remain intact). Harmless, closed, face constantly sealed (white mask). Others think Alice is crazy, call her Carmen. Alice speaks of herself in the first person (association) - Carmen, in the third person (dissociation) - Alice.


2nd actor - man

ANDREI - Alice's husband, an intelligent man, after prison a broken, confined man.

ANGEL - accompanies Alice in life, helping to fulfill the cherished dream.

3rd actor - man

VADIM MARKOVICH - neighbor in a communal apartment (pyjamas, glasses).

CHEKIST - NKVD cap, with a mauser.

HEAD - mayor of the city (suit, tie).

SANITARY - in a white robe.

TOURIST - a foreigner, in the hands of a camera.

Jose is a sergeant.

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